"St. Mor Baseliose Eldho Bava pray for us"
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About St. Baselios Yeldo, our Patron

The St. Basils Syriac Orthodox Church of Boston is named after the saint of SOCA (Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch), St. Mor Baseliose Eldho, who is entombed at Kothamangalam Mor Thoman Cheriapally in Kerala, India. “Dhukrono” of St. Baselios Yeldho Bava celebrated in the Mor Thoma Cheriapally, Kothamangalam with spiritual grandeur every year on October 2 and 3 and this feast is popularly known as “Kanni 20 Perunnal”.

The saintly father, Maphryono Mor Baselios Yeldho, left his mortal self for his heavenly home on Saturday afternoon on “Kanni 19” (Malayalam calendar), 1685 and was entombed on the very next day in the sanctuary of Mor Thoma Cheriapally, Kothamangalam. Though the Holy Father had lived in Malankara for only a few days, his name has spread far and wide leaving a lasting mark in the history of Malankara Syrian Church.

Maphriyono Mor Baselios Yeldo was born at Karakosh near Mosul in Iraq, where Marthsmooni and her 7 children suffered Martyrdom. He become a monk in Mor Bahnan monastery in Mosul. The saint came to India via Basra to Surat, after consecration as Maphrian (Catholicos / Maphriyono) by the Patriarch Mor Ignatius Abdul Messiah I, arriving at Thalassery in North Kerala, then by hill route to Kothamangalam in AD 1685 at the request of Marthoma II of Malankara Church. He reached Marthoma Cheriapalli with Mor Ivanios, guided by a Hindu gentleman whose descendants guide the procession of the festival held in his memory every year. The saint expired on October the second and is entombed in the sanctuary of MarThoma CheriaPally, Kothamangalam. In 1987 his name was included in the 5th Tubden (Holy diptych) as per the Patriarchal bull. [Ref.  Jacobite Syrian Church]

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