Directions and Parking
Nearest MBTA Station: 10 Mins walk
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Getting to Church

Newton is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts and well connected with public transport system.

Metro - Elliot MBTA Station: 10 mins walk to the Church

Eliot station is a light rail station on the MBTA Green Line D branch located just north of Route 9 between the Newton Highlands and Newton Upper Falls villages of Newton, Massachusetts. Church is a 10 mins walk from Eliot Station in Newton

Call for pickup : One of our church volunteer can give you a ride from Eliot Station on Sundays to the Church. Please call or email the church number if you need any assistance.

By Your Vehicle:

Drive to 73 Ellis St, Newton, MA. There is limited parking available on the church property, but you have plenty of street parking and other parking options. Refer to our parking page.

Thanks to our local business community, there is some additional parking available at lot of "389 Elliot St, Newton MA" which is a minute drive from the Church.

There are street parking also available in some of the marked streets, please follow street parking signs.

Church Exterior View